Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Writing

The aim of the university dissertation is to produce a unique and original piece of research work on a clearly defined topic. Writing a dissertation is a complex task that requires a range of planning and deep research skills to find out a solution to the research problem.

Your dissertation basically provide a unique approach to find the solution in the research gap. It need a lot of time and efforts to go through past research papers and dissertations to find out the research gap and then provide a unique approach to solve the problem.

You should select the topic that you already studied or at least know something about the topic so that you can study the books or journals for your topic literature.

Following are the part of the dissertation structure for your Master/PhD program.

  • Research Proposal/Synopsis
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusions and Extra Sections

The University can provide the complete guideline about the structure of the dissertation that students should follow. If the student cannot find any guidelines, then ask their supervisor to provide the guideline. The guideline will give the student the complete format and reference style of the dissertation.
If anyone wants to write a Ph.D. dissertation or a proposal in an experimental area of Computer Science, Medical Science or Engineering? If a student has not written any formal documents, It is not easy to write a proposal for the first time then the student gets stuck. Therefore, the paper coach can help the student write, edit, and format dissertations according to the University guideline. Our writers would help students to select topics and can help students start writing from scratch. If a student already has an outline and has done some research, we can take student papers and help students complete dissertation papers.

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